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For you Blowjob Finder members who access our service on your mobile devices, we have good news. The AFF local oral sex locator apps are absolutely free and ready to download. Simply install the app and fill in the form with your location, your basic details and tell us what kind of hookup you are looking for. The app will automatically search our database and compare your GPS location with all of the blowjob hookups. It then displays images of each of the people where you can simply swipe to select the ones you desire. It's easy as pie!

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We have mobile apps for Android and Apple. Select your smartphone or device type below and you'll be meeting hookups for oral sex near you in minutes.

AFF BJ Locator App for Android:

Blowjob Finder, brings local oral sex partners to you, the mobile smartphone mobile user with our powerful Android app. Select the app from the Google Play Store and download the app. Once installed click the "Sign up" option to get started searching for a blowjob in your area.
You can also get the app using our download site.

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AFF BJ locator has made finding oral sex near you on the apple iPhone and iPad masses a breeze with our outstanding iPhone app. Browse the iTunes Store and install the app right away.
Get the Blowjob Finder app at at our Apple download page

Sorry BlackBerry users, we do not have a BJ locator app for your devices anymore. Please use our mobile enabled website on your browser.

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