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hunglow: lets do this

Location: Cape Breton, NS
Age: 61
Seeking: Man
Intent: 1-on-1 Sex
Interests/Kinks: #Jewish, #Heels, #LickingPussy,

I have a lover but I got bored so decided to check this out. I don't judge an I'm very friendly an easy to get along wit. Have you got any well worn socks that I can sniff and lick? I don't want a wife or a girlfriend. I have a fantisy about giving a blowjob in a public places. (More...)

Bril: U Already Kno

Location: Cape Breton, NS
Age: 34
Seeking: Woman
Intent: Oral Sex
Interests/Kinks: #DressedUp, #EatingPussy, Nuns,

I am looking to meet some new people and eventually find a serious relationship. Want to have fun no strings attached. I am happily married and just looking for fun where my wife lacks. Ill answer you as fast as possible. I know Cape Breton women are the best at giving oral in Canada. (More...)

FitTim26: Shoot me a message

Location: Cape Breton, NS
Age: 26
Seeking: Couples
Intent: Online Chat
Interests/Kinks: #Anal #Sex,

Looking for hookups message me on here and text me for a faster response. I am not looking for anything steady. Love sex really like to please my lady. I am ahead working farm boy and I have a 6 inch cock and would love a nice juicy ass and a tight pussy no hair on it please shave. Horny slut in -sibit- seeking oral sex. (More...)

Cape Breton-Hookup: Hello nudes?

Cape Breton-Hookup
Location: Cape Breton, NS
Age: 28
Seeking: Lesbians
Intent: Blowjobs
Interests/Kinks: #Sexting, #Outdoorsman, #TradeNudes,

I have no expectations, but would love to be suprised by your sexual prowess. Interested in getting to know my little friend? So please if you are the drama type do us both a favor and skip along. I want to see if something good comes out of this. Since my wife left, all I want is a woman who knows how to give a good blowjob. (More...)

Smalldick: Do you like oral sex too?

Location: Cape Breton, NS
Age: 18
Seeking: A Group
Intent: One Night Stand
Interests/Kinks: #Creampie,

I love sex and love being out and about. I collect panty pics because I'm a perve and it really turn me on. Play can be from mild to wild, or try the phone or web. I work quite a bit so therefore I don't get out much to date. When I want to get a sloppy blowjob, I search sex hookups in Cape Breton (More...)

Shamrock87: Want my dick sucked

Location: Cape Breton, NS
Age: 35
Seeking: Woman
Intent: NSA Sex
Interests/Kinks: #Booty, #Sugardaddies, #VideoChat,

I would love to meet as many like minded people as possible. I'm not the best looking but I can treat a woman better than anyone. I can be a little freak like you want me to. I have no plan on making a serious relationship I just want someone to have fun with. I need a fuck buddy who is good at blowjobs near you. (More...)

Pegboy: Pegging

Location: Cape Breton, NS
Age: 28
Seeking: Man
Intent: BJs
Interests/Kinks: #Domination, #OnlineChat, #SexyTalk,

I enjoy many things I am young but I am very mature and that's about it. Would you suck my balls for me? I like confident woman who can show dominance in there submission. I want to see what older pussy feels like and learn new way by older cougars. I know Cape Breton women are the best at giving oral in Canada. (More...)

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