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seductive18: young horny

Location: London, ON
Age: 18
Seeking: Man
Intent: 1-on-1 Sex
Interests/Kinks: #SmokingWeed, #Fingering, #BJs,

I'd like to meet like-minded women to have online and real fun. I'm a pleaser, the more fun you have the more fun it is for me. I think all women are beautiful except the funny looking ones. I want to find a wild woman who can be very naughty. I am searching for a discreet BJs near (More...)

BlackCock94: Ready

Location: London, ON
Age: 27
Seeking: Woman
Intent: Oral Sex
Interests/Kinks: #HairyPussy, #420Friendly,

I'm constantly looking for a fun chick to fuck in my boring life. If you want to do the same, feel free to send me a little message. I'm looking for the right lady to make me happy and I her. Our goal is simple we want to fuck and have a great time with other like-minded individuals. My wife loves to give head and I want a threesome with a man from London. (More...)

Whysitsohard: Just wanna play now

Location: London, ON
Age: 47
Seeking: Couples
Intent: Online Chat
Interests/Kinks: #OralSex, #JustSex,

I like what I have and don't want to lose it but something is missing in the bedroom. I like girls older then me. I'm looking for one night stands. I have no money on me so don't ask and just about looking for a quick fuck and go that's about it. I know London women are the best at giving oral in Canada. (More...)

London-Hookup: Seeking my freak

Location: London, ON
Age: 39
Seeking: Lesbians
Intent: Blowjobs
Interests/Kinks: #Toys, #JapaneseAdultVideos, #GirlsNearMe, #Videogames, #MiniSkirts, #HairPulling,

I'm into busting down walls making that pussy turn this dick white. I'll put more about my self if you want to know. I like to play soccer and go on long walks at the park, and eating a ice cream to. I dream of meeting a boss bitch who knows what to do with her pussy to make me cum. I need a fuck buddy who is good at blowjobs near you. (More...)

xratedunknown: Love giving blowjobs near me

Location: London, ON
Age: 22
Seeking: A Group
Intent: One Night Stand
Interests/Kinks: #Teasing, #420, #Moaners,

Then when get to know each other a little better we can go on to other things that we agree on. I am looking for a sweet kind girl, that does not mind me being blind, and that will take me for who I am. I will be active on this site If I'm online I will chat with anyone who wants to. I hope to find a reliable, awesome, and adorable person. I am searching for a discreet BJs near (More...)

Muphaso: Im looking to please you endlessly

Location: London, ON
Age: 37
Seeking: Woman
Intent: NSA Sex
Interests/Kinks: #Wives, #ReverseCowgirl, #Photography,

I enjoy being outside and taking adventures. I'm okay with bigger chicks so that doesn't bother me at all. I am also an anime fan, an artist, and I love to play video games. Just looking for a good time nothing serious. I need a fuck buddy who is good at blowjobs near you. (More...)

Lantern57: I'm totally here

Location: London, ON
Age: 39
Seeking: Man
Intent: BJs
Interests/Kinks: #ReverseCowgirl, #Alcohol, #Cuckolding, #Passion,

Because I have really nasty bad breath, my girlfriend only has doggyStyle sex with me now. She also says I should eat my vegetables. I need some discrete sex. I've been with the same girl for seven years. Is this the best online site for free sex personals to get my cock sucked in London. (More...)

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