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DonVito92: Looking for a babe

Location: New Westminster, BC
Age: 30
Seeking: Man
Intent: 1-on-1 Sex
Interests/Kinks: #SoccerMoms, #Flirting, #SixtyNine, #OrganicFoods,

Are you a woman in touch with your own desires and not afraid to make them known. I'll use protection and I know a spot. But will become more open to people I become comfortable with. I also was prefer a girl who would satisfy me in bed and comfort me. I know New Westminster women are the best at giving oral in Canada. (More...)

EatingPussyIsntCheatungItsduty: Eating pussy isnt cheating its a duty

Location: New Westminster, BC
Age: 43
Seeking: Woman
Intent: Oral Sex
Interests/Kinks: #NSA, #Discreet, #FuckBuddy, Forward,

I want my hands, face and mouth all over them and suck your nipples until you cum! I'm usually cool with whatever my partner wants to do, not really looking for a relationship rn. I am totally into forced spanking, forced worship. I can find entertainment in just about anything. My wife loves to give head and I want a threesome with a man from New Westminster. (More...)

bigdman2001: Looking for a good time

Location: New Westminster, BC
Age: 38
Seeking: Couples
Intent: Online Chat
Interests/Kinks: #LickingPussy, #SoccerMoms, #Alcohol, #SexNearMe, #Divorcees, #GirlsNearMe, #DickSucked,

I am open and positive, I love traveling and camping with boyscouts. I am who l am, and I prefer women to sheep or any livestock for that matter. I am not really picky as long as you can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. I'm not interested in a relationship right now. Since my wife left, all I want is a woman who knows how to give a good blowjob. (More...)

New Westminster-Hookup: you'd look really beautiful in my arms

New Westminster-Hookup
Location: New Westminster, BC
Age: 21
Seeking: Lesbians
Intent: Blowjobs
Interests/Kinks: #Blowjobs,

Looking for a woman for naughty things (pic swap, dirty talk, sex). I love tits and pussy, but I also enjoy cocks. I would like to get together with someone who likes her little pussy licked. Give ya the shirt off my back but also I stand my ground and I protect and defend what's mine. When I want to get a sloppy blowjob, I search sex hookups in New Westminster (More...)

Graydznutz: Try not to cum with my blowjobs

Location: New Westminster, BC
Age: 34
Seeking: A Group
Intent: One Night Stand
Interests/Kinks: #Hispanic, #FaceSitting, #PlayingSports, #Gingers, #Latinas, #Videogames, #MatureWomen,

My dick is 8 inches and my cum is filled with thick creamy richness I'm also a Energizer bunny very athletic Looking for a woman who wants to be teased till you explode and screen. I'm always looking to have a good time. I'm kind and thoughtfull after a good blowjob. I have a fantisy about giving a blowjob in a public places. (More...)

Tnintx83: checking this out

Location: New Westminster, BC
Age: 39
Seeking: Woman
Intent: NSA Sex
Interests/Kinks: #SexOnly, #DickSucked, #Doggie, #BigBooty,

This is the only thing I can think to do, so I'm swallowing my pride and hopefully you will answers this time. Thats up to the lady, if course but I'm open and fun and in to all sortsof stuff. I'm just the laid back type I just like to chill and get my dick worked on by a fine ass girl. Looking to hookup with no strings attached. I need a fuck buddy who is good at blowjobs near you. (More...)

daniiel: All fax

Location: New Westminster, BC
Age: 20
Seeking: Man
Intent: BJs
Interests/Kinks: #Booty, #Taboo,

I love pleasing rather than being pleased. I do not start relationships easily nor do I get out of them without a big fight. I'm looking for a fuck buddy that will answer my call any time of day or night. I would like to reply and help out one special skilled fucker today. Horny slut in -sibit- seeking oral sex. (More...)

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