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Bobbylove88: You know what is wanted here no strings no attachment

City, Province: Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 31
Status: Single
Seeking: Man
Intent: 1-on-1 Sex
Interests: #SexOnly, #Chubby, #Asians, #Dancing

I'm looking for some one who will enjoy laughing, an all around just having fun. I would love to do some erotic chat. I'm very generous and loving person. Discreet one on one uninhibited sex is the world to me. When I want to get fucked, I search sex hookups in Port Coquitlam (More...)

jwc79: ASSMAN

City, Province: Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 44
Status: Divorced
Seeking: Woman
Intent: Short Term Dating
Interests: #Creampie, #Pierced, #LongLegs

I like to try new things I'm quite flexible despite my appearance and I love outdoor activities. I love my daughters and spend time with them on weekends but I really don't like games. I need some new memories and a new woman to pamper I have an 8 3/4inch friend who would like to meet u and show u how much of a queen u really are. I like to try new things I'm quite flexible despite my appearance and I love outdoor activities. My wife and her sister are loooking for couples hookups. (More...)

HotJohn123: HornyJohn

City, Province: Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 24
Status: Separated
Seeking: Couples
Intent: Online Chat
Interests: #Pussy, sex, horny women, #TightSkirts, #FullFigured, #Boats

I need some excitement in my bedroom. Just got out of a long relationship and wanting to have some fun while meeting new people. As long as there are no diseases I like chubby, skinny, big boobs, flat chest, good blowjobs, bad blowjobs. For now I live in the lovely life in the countryside. Divorced lonely guy in -sibit- seeking a good wife. (More...)

Friction899: Lonely

City, Province: Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 25
Status: Unhappily Married
Seeking: Lesbians
Intent: Marriage
Interests: Fun, #BigTits, #Moms, #Housewives

If I have to describe myself I would say fun, energetic, and upbeat. I want my woman to follow me around like a puppy and if I say now, she rips off her panties and spreads her legs wide for me. I am very easy going and have realy big balls and a furry ass. Most of all I would like to find some one I can love. I am searching for a discreet sexual encounter near (More...)

Happytotry: Lots of fun

City, Province: Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 45
Status: Divorced
Seeking: A Group
Intent: One Night Stand
Interests: #Curves, in all the right places, #Stockings

Looking to find someone who is honest a little dirty. Looking for a cool girl to chill with who not afraid to try new things. I'm outgoing, easy to get along with, laidback, good since of humor, great personality, truthful, like to have fun, charming, and fun to be around with. I have no exceptions when meeting someone because I'm not very sexy. Is this the best online site for free sex personals in Port Coquitlam. (More...)

Drew: It is what it is I like to fuck

City, Province: Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 43
Status: Newly Divorced
Seeking: Woman
Intent: NSA Sex
Interests: I'm down for whatever as long as she is enjoying herself

I love to sniff pussy just please try to keep it clean when you come over. Hopefully somebody with an open mind and a high sex drive will meet me here. I enjoy watchin races, fishin, and pretty much anything outdoors. I wish to tell you something but I am new at this. I need a divorced fuck buddy that lives nearby. (More...)

dthorn10: Gentle Giant

City, Province: Port Coquitlam, BC
Age: 56
Status: Open Relationship
Seeking: Man
Intent: Dating
Interests: #Porn, #Creampies,

I don't like playing games, unless I'm the bedroom. I want to get laid but will not mail money or partake in anything illegal. My wife can't have sex because of back problems. I have a staggering sense of humor and get along best with others who know how to laugh at life. I know Port Coquitlam women are the hottest in Canada. (More...)

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