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WW662: Chill guy looking to have some fun

City, Province: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 24
Status: Single
Seeking: Man
Intent: 1-on-1 Sex
Interests: #blondes, #FWB, #Yoga, pants, #Lingerie,

I love sex and have lots of it always looking for more. I only like meeting sane woman and woman who appreciates having a male friend to talk to and spend good times with. Mainly I work too much, but I like my money and I kinda like my job even though it sucks. I like my women how I like my coffee sweet and creamy. When I want to get laid, I search sex hookups in Saskatoon (More...)

jay: looking to fuck

City, Province: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 24
Status: Divorced
Seeking: Woman
Intent: Short Term Dating
Interests: anything but scat

She must enjoy 69 as well as other numbers. I crave the wetness, scent and taste of a woman. I love to smash my balls as hard as I can. I've never tried anal but I want to fuck a chick in the ass. My wife and me are loooking for couples hookups. (More...)

Rez93: Need to cum bad

City, Province: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 29
Status: Separated
Seeking: Couples
Intent: Online Chat
Interests: #Marijuana #OralSex, #Biting,

I would like to find that special woman to lite my fire in my life. I like to have fun outside meet new people experiance new things. Wife can't have sex and I need to know that I can still put a smile on a lady's face. Ive never had sex and would like to try it all to see what likes and dislikes I prefer. Divorced lonely guy in -sibit- seeking a new wife. (More...)

Al_boi: Lets have some fun

City, Province: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 79
Status: Unhappily Married
Seeking: Lesbians
Intent: Marriage
Interests: #EatingPussy, #Marijuana, #Snapchat,

Must be serious and not in to playing games. Let's hook up and have sex like crazy. Someone who wants a sex partner that can't get them pregnant. I am looking for a sexy chick to get to know. I want a discreet sexual encounter near (More...)

Irishbailey44: I'm looking for a best friend and lover

City, Province: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 79
Status: Divorced
Seeking: A Group
Intent: One Night Stand
Interests: I'm up for almost anything

I love music concerts, playing cards, traveling, warm intimate nights, good wineand love putting my partner first. If you trynna have fun right now you know what to do message me. I have a girlfriend. I have my own pickup truck with a gun rack full of fire power. Is this the best online site for free sex personals in Saskatoon. (More...)

AlexTeller: Always willing

City, Province: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 24
Status: Newly Divorced
Seeking: Woman
Intent: NSA Sex
Interests: #BigBoobs, #BigButt, #BJs, Tittyfucking, #Anal,

I like being outdoors and enjoy hiking with women. I will probably only tell you to go f--k yourself if you contact me though. I don't have a tiny Asian cock. I am an old fashioned person but open to trying new things. I need a hot divorced fuck buddy that lives near me. (More...)

Kevin223: I need a fuck buddy

City, Province: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 24
Status: Open Relationship
Seeking: Man
Intent: Dating
Interests: #Kiss, on my neck

Looking to find a really good smelling sex partner. I love a girl with big tits and a nice ass I love to eat pussy I love white and Mexican girls I. I do my best to make my other happy but I guess sometimes I'll ruin a moment with like a joke or something so there's that. All I'm really looking for is nasty, dirty sex with anyone who will do me. I think Saskatoon women are the hottest in Canada. (More...)

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