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Rlang19: My Tongue, your entire body

Location: Surrey, BC
Age: 45
Seeking: Man
Intent: 1-on-1 Sex
Interests/Kinks: #OlderWoman, #Fetishes, #OralSex, #Fantasies, #Swinger, #Hookups,

Want to meet new people and have fun doing it. I love coffee beauitful women and living life to the fullest. I'm looking for a lasting relationship. Love to party and down for everything. Horny slut in -sibit- seeking oral sex. (More...)

DemonCock420: I love all types of women. Willing to suck dick also.

Location: Surrey, BC
Age: 32
Seeking: Woman
Intent: Oral Sex
Interests/Kinks: #Marijuana, #CasualEncounters, #Hikers, #FuckBuddy, #TS, #Titties, #RoughSex, #HandJobs,

I am very active and I love to cook and rebuild or build things. I watch a lot of porn and I want to be a porn star one day. If I can travel to the other place instead of my own, that would be the best. There are too many things I wont say no about. When I want to get a sloppy blowjob, I search sex hookups in Surrey (More...)

BlueWolf2677: Love

Location: Surrey, BC
Age: 18
Seeking: Couples
Intent: Fellatio
Interests/Kinks: #GirlsNearMe, #Clothes,

Ive been living on this state for almost a year. I'm pretty funny and can keep people entertained. Only like real people and no fakes seem to be here. I really have a thing for big tits. I have a fantisy about giving a blowjob in a public places. (More...)

Surrey-Hookup: Neverhadasquirter

Location: Surrey, BC
Age: 45
Seeking: Lesbians
Intent: Blowjobs
Interests/Kinks: #Squirting, #Anal, #Pissing, #Pussy, Cummimg, #Swallowing, #EatingPussy, #Piss, #Attractive,

I love traveling, sporting and enjoy meeting people. Would like to hook up with someone once or twice a month to "chill out" and have some fun, relax, snd then see what happens. Working hard to get through this divorce to fully move forward with my life. I am not looking for games or drama just a real woman that can handle a FWB set-up. I know Surrey women are the best at giving oral in Canada. (More...)

gloccsbyus: Love giving blowjobs near me

Location: Surrey, BC
Age: 28
Seeking: A Group
Intent: One Night Stand
Interests/Kinks: #OralPleasure, #Dogs, #Encounters,

Btw, I give great head and am open to trying new things. I have a staggering sense of humor and get along best with others who know how to laugh at life. I don't care about your Body type as long as you are drug free. I am looking for those honest women who are really want to have some thing very special sexual experience and want to enjoy lots and lots of sexual wild fantasy they want to feel before they get old. When I want to get a sloppy blowjob, I search sex hookups in Surrey (More...)

TeenDickBlack: 7.5 inch black teen

Location: Surrey, BC
Age: 19
Seeking: Woman
Intent: NSA Sex
Interests/Kinks: #ebonys #Squirting,

I enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with good frineds. I am into Asian girls that working out a lot. All I want to do is get laid. Will be available to hit me up anytime. I know Surrey women are the best at giving oral in Canada. (More...)

TeenBigBlack: 7.5 inch

Location: Surrey, BC
Age: 19
Seeking: Man
Intent: BJs
Interests/Kinks: #AfricanAmericans, #Squirting,

I am a workaholic type always busy and really need love and care from a slutty woman. I love women and exploring the female body. If you have the need, I can fulfill it. I like the outdoors going out but I'm fine steying in too. My wife loves to give head and I want a threesome with a man from Surrey. (More...)

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